Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Q: I have a question about the sales process, and transaction speed/security/privacy/other. 

A: We currently post our domain listings on to take advantage of their expertise in the domain business, their impressive track record, credibility, and reputation, and their support systems for domain buyers/prospective buyers. If you have general questions about the sales process and safeguards for domain purchases through Afternic, please reach out to their support team! 

Q: I am new to domains. What do I need to know?

A: If you are considering a domain purchase, check out Afternic for more resources! There are also several great online forums—see for instance and if you are interested in getting involved/learning more about domains and domaining. 

Q: I see (domain) on your site. Is it still available? 

A: We make every effort to update this website quickly and often. If you are interested in a particular domain, please visit the domain address and send us a message, or search or for current pricing.

Q: Do your domains contain content?

A: We offer domain names. We do not offer developed websites.

Q: Do I need to renew the domain after I purchase it?

A: Renewing a domain will be your responsibility through your registrar once you purchase the domain name. In most cases, annual renewal fees are minor.

Q: What should I know about your domain pricing?

A: Domains are an investment. Consider the cost of the domain name relative to what your organization or company might spend in a short period of time on a consultant, an ad buy, a new vehicle for your fleet, etc. Then imagine and compare the work an on-point, easy-to-remember domain name can do for you over that same period of time… and well into the future! Even better, unlike most vehicles, many domain names appreciate in value over time.

Q: Do you accept offers below listing price?

A: We will consider reasonable offers for domains listed above a certain price point. Our other domains are listed on with a specific price option to enhance transaction speed and your convenience. If you have a question about a particular domain, please feel free to reach out. 

Q: I notice you have several clusters of related domain names. Why is that?

A: We provide added value to our buyers by offering related domains where possible. Related domain names expand your footprint on the web. Many groups will, for instance, forward related domains to their main website. Acquiring related domains also maximizes your branding/messaging opportunities by helping to prevent a competing brand/message/etc. on a similar site which could confuse, discourage, or distract potential supporters. Right now, we list domains individually. If you are interested in multiple domains, please purchase them each separately. 

Q: Some of these domains seem to imply a political stance. What are your affiliations?

A: Please do not assume that a domain name implies a certain commentary on the topic. Interest in the same domain name can come from many different perspectives. While the activity of domain buyers is not our responsibility, it is our hope that the end users of these domains will use them to contribute to discussions on the issues of our time in good faith, with tolerance and compassion for the needs and perspectives of others. 

Q: Where are you based?

A: We are based in the United States. Because we sometimes use international listing services, you may occasionally see international locations affiliated with our domains online.

Q: Are you interested in web development/SEO services/other partnerships generally?

A: As these domains are destined for other users, we do not need these services, thank you. If you have a creative collaboration to propose relative to a specific domain name, please reach out. 

Q: Will you give very low- or no-cost domains to worthy causes?

A: Right now, we do not have the resources for this. Apologies! 

Privacy Policy

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